Sarah, Bruton Reiki Doula
Compassionate, conscious care, from conception to grave.


Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Sarah Holmes and I live in Bruton, Somerset with my partner and our two younger children, the eldest having flown the nest and now living in Yorkshire.

I'm a Doula for Life.

Doula is a greek word that translates to "female servant or care-provider". In modern times it has become the title chosen by people who provide emotional and practical support to families having babies and also more recently to those who support people at the end of their lives. The two greatest transitions of human experience are birth and death but where my work lies is in the acknowledgment of the myriad transitions we make between those two ultimate ones...and how all transitions, be they big or small, require some level of empathic support and love surrounding them.

Whatever your care requirements, I am able to support you from a place of calm, non-judgemental compassion.... I meet you and your families where ever you are on your journey through life, and hold a deeply grounded space for you to feel supported and cared for whilst you journey on.

I offer an extensive range of services which provide person-centred and family-centred care and support from pre-conception right through life to it's natural conclusion.

Wherever you find yourselves on your journeys through life,

I'll meet you there and sit with you or walk by your side

I'll hold your hand until you're ready to say goodbye

With Love

Sarah xxx